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10 quick facts about Data Breaches

"Oh look, a new data breach!" That sentence has become a daily phrase for the IT guys/ladies among us. It feels like we are no longer surprised (or scared) when we hear that 10.000 credit card numbers have been stolen. Or that a former employee has downloaded all of the company's confidential info. It is a fact: data breaches happen all the time, day and night. But this does not mean that we should take a XL soda, a bag of Bugles and make ourselves comfortable in a fuzzy sofa. Nope. Because we know you are the chosen one. You can change the mindset of your company. And yes, we hear you thinking: "my boss doesn't care about what I have to say", but we believe that with well-researched information, you will come a long way. Before you dive into the crazy data breaches world, let's start off with 10 quick facts.

  1. Bad people love the healthcare and medical sector. They post the largest percentage of total breaches: 43%. The second place goes to the retail sector. Congrats! (Not really). Source
  2. Time for our history lesson: since 2005, humankind has encountered almost 5000 breaches, with 673 million records lost. Source
  3. Shame on you! An average company needs 72 hours to respond to a data breach. Source
  4. Target stock has fallen 7,5% during the past 12 months, following a huge (like: huge huge) data breach. Source
  5. Top 3 of breached information: employee information (36%), individual customer information (36%) and intellectual property (32%). Source
  6. Only focusing on Chinese crackers? Wrong answer. Only focusing on weird looking employees? Wrong answer. You should be focusing on both (and normal looking employees as well, FYI): outside attackers count for 75% of breaches, inside attackers for 25% of total data breaches. Source
  7. Woops... Most common insider incidents: errant website postings, careless equipment disposal or poor equipment management (64%), accidental (17%) and malicious activities (9%). Source
  8. Paper? What's that? It's something you used to write on. And in 2015, you better be afraid of paper: 12% of all breaches are paper breaches. Crazy! Source
  9. The average cost per breached record = 150 Euro (your boss will love this one). Source
  10. Shame on you! - part 2: 85% of companies perform manual log analysis for the identification of incidents. Manual? Seriously? Source

And an extra bonus: the coolest Data Breaches visualization ever.

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