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We love online shopping. Shiny shoes, the newest Kickstarter PC game or a Stephen King e-book. Today, you can add software products to that list. Yes, you hear that right: Metastore proudly presents Metawebstore, an online software shop. At this moment, we offer you the chance to buy Idera products with just one click of your mouse (or trackpad. Or fingers).

Why do we open an online shop? Because we want to serve our customers in a more modern way, even if they live 500 km away from us. No matter where you are, you can buy Idera products online (as long as you have a valid VAT number that is). You can buy license -and maintenance keys, although we still have to check with our partners if you are really a breathing person. A few days after your purchase, a key will pop up in your digital mailbox. That's it. No long phone talks with sales, not a dozen of quotes and approvals. Metawebstore is a transparent store, which means there is no catch. You can even pay with Paypal or Visa. For more info, you can visit the Metawebstore FAQ page.

In the future we will expand the product range depending on your needs. But for now: go and buy some Idera!