Every year, Varonis conducts thousands of risk assessments – locating sensitive and regulated data, showing what’s overexposed and vulnerable, and providing actionable data security recommendations.

Their brand new 2019 Global Data Risk Report shows that on average, every employee can access a staggering 17 million files.The insights from our new report make it easy to illustrate the importance of a strong data security plan – and how Varonis can help!

In addition, they found:

  • 53% of companies had at least 1,000 sensitive files open to all employees
  • 22% of all folders were accessible, on average, to every employee
  • 38% of users had passwords that never expire, up from 10% last year

Read the full report: Data Gets Personal: 2019 Global Data Risk Report from the Varonis Data Lab

Want to see your organisation’s risk level?

With a free  data risk assessment, your can see your organisation’s biggest risks, build a prioritised remediation plan, and get buy-in from leadership on next steps.

You can map out what you need to do next to protect data (and even meet compliance regulations).

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