Go Beyond


Metastore challenges its clients to go beyond the beaten path and explore solutions that better accommodate their needs. Metastore offers hand-picked solutions and services, tailored to IT infrastructure problems difficult to cope with.

Mavericks by nature, we believe in freedom of choice. We are not against the status quo but we dare to question it. Debunking old myths, embracing innovation. We go beyond the mainstream and offer hand-picked solutions and tailored services that accommodate our clients’ specific needs. Through this, we help them gain a competitive edge from day one. Because no solution fits all needs, we focus on the problems that remain unaddressed. Therefore, IT professionals and integrators see us as a trusted alternative, an IT expert’s expert.

The networked society, the Internet of Things and the exponential increase of computing power have changed the nature of IT infrastructure management. Without a specific solution, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to gain insights from data. Moreover, security threats constantly put IT infrastructures under pressure. Only experts can make sense of this complexity. As innovators, we value courage because it is what it takes to leave the common path. It defines evolution.

Who We Are

We are in business since 1992. In the fast-paced technology industry, that is a very long time. Our agility and flexibility make us survivors, adapted to change. This is not always easy. Sometimes we bounce back but then we make a quantum leap forward. Our services have evolved organically, together with our clients. Starting with mainframe security software, we paved our way into intelligence solutions and services for the hybrid enterprise cloud.

More Than


Clients have chosen to partner with us,

adopting solutions perfectly fit their infrastructure needs.

What We Can Do

  • We can manage your entire IT environment – from security to document management and mainframe.
  • One central point of contact for both sales and technical questions (support).
  • Communication in your own language.
  • Extra service and training.
  • A choice between different providers, we don’t sell just one product – impartial.
  • We only select the best products in every IT domain.
  • Over 20 years of experience.

Metastore Group


Level 9

Level 9 is a Technology focused business center in Antwerp that enables several companies to run their business in a creative and innovative environment.



Curios provide expertise and guidance in the field of cybersecurity. This is offered in the form of managed security services and risk services.


ECM Solutions

Bij ECMsolutions doen wij er alles aan om waardevolle bedrijfsdata te stroomlijnen vanaf het moment dat deze de organisatie binnenkomt en weer verlaat.