Detection & Response

The traditional Security Operation Center architecture does not scale to meet modern security challenges, such as:

  • Relating security incidents to business consequences
  • Integrating Threat Intelligence into the decision process of handling security events
  • Delivering an up-to-date service relevant for entire business, not just security
  • Leveraging massive data sets spread across disparate systems
Organizations need to rethink their approach, concentrating on reducing breach impact through intelligent detection and response.

We have been delivering Managed Security Services to the enterprise market since the beginning of the millennium. Our intelligence-driven solution has evolved over this time to meet the new challenges and threats businesses are facing today.


At the core of our solution is the proprietary MSSP platform known as Argus – our purpose-built ecosystem exclusively designed to rapidly detect, analyze and respond to security threats on a colossal scale. Taking advantage of big data analytics, machine learning, and a complex event-processing framework, Argus provides the advanced threat prevention ecosystem needed to see the big threat picture in real-time and protect our customers against advanced persistent threats, zero days and targeted attacks.

Argus is a mature threat management ecosystem that integrates threat intelligence through the entire platform into diverse, multi-vendor IT environments. Argus is designed to tightly incorporate with our customers’ processes, frameworks, and workflows, and will serve as an integral component in the detection and response workflows mnemonic establishes together with customer CSIRTs.

Argus incorporates a combination of technologies developed by mnemonic, internal and external threat intelligence and integrations with leading 3rd party security solutions from our product portfolio. The result is a robust threat defense platform that offers:

  • Network Analysis and Protection
  • Log Analysis
  • Endpoint Response and Protection
  • Vulnerability Management