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We can make our story very short: watch this video, including far-future aliens and other bad-ass characters. If you have more time, please sit down and grab a coffee, because we will give you our future vision on activity monitoring.

We first need to dive a little deeper into the term of “activity monitoring”: according to Gartner the term refers to the aggregation, analysis, and presentation of real-time information about activities inside organizations and involving customers and partners. Phew.

Identity Management and the Internet are not best friends. We would dare to say their relationship is quite chaotic. We bet that your company has to deal with a lot of mobile devices (yes, we mean BYOD). And the employees are using their Dropbox, Facebook and other websites and networks when and where they want. You can’t control them anymore. But most important: these devices do access and store your corporate info. And we haven’t talked about the dozens of emails and passwords your users have to remember yet. In short: how can you manage all these identities to optimize user productivity, IT efficiency and compliance across data center, cloud and mobile.

A high five for people like Bob Thomas, the CEO of Enterprise Systems Media. Why? Because Metastore loves people who make the life of other people easier. And in this case we are talking about your life. Enter the Enterprise Systems Software Directory. A (huge!) digital publication that lists the available IT software solutions per operating system. The perfect reference for you next IT project!

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